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Subscription FAQsUpdated 4 months ago

Tell me more about your subscription services

The ILIA Beauty free subscription program allows you to conveniently replenish your most-loved ILIA products when it's time to restock. Being a frequent ILIA customer has its rewards!

Products on subscription will receive:

  1. 10% off (15% if you signed up before 10/1/22)
  2. Free Shipping
  3. No fees or minimum purchase obligations

Ability to manage your subscription:

  1. Change the frequency
  2. Skip a shipment
  3. Cancel your subscription

Ready to get started? You can subscribe on the product page or while reviewing items in the shopping cart. Simply select the desired frequency, add to cart, and checkout. Checkout our subscriptions eligible page here:

Can I return and/or exchange my subscription order?

Yes, you can process your ILIA Beauty return or exchange as you normally would via our Returns Portal. All you'll need is your order number and zip code to get started here:

Can I use a promo or discount code with my subscription order?
No, a discount code cannot be used with your subscription since it's already discounted.

How do I change, skip, or cancel my ILIA Auto-Replenish order?
Log into your account and click on Subscriptions to manage active orders. If you're getting an error message when trying to log in, this means you haven't created an account. Please then select "Create Account" and you will have access to manage your subscription.

To complete the below, please reach out to our ILIA Specialists so they can assist you in editing your shipping address-

What is the deadline to make changes to my ILIA Beauty Auto-Replenish?
All orders are processed at 10:00 am PST on the scheduled order date. To modify your order, simply log into your ILIA Beauty account and click on Manage Subscriptions. Changes must in made before 10:00 am PST the day before your scheduled order date. For example, your next order is scheduled for 9/13/22 - changes should be made by 9/12/22 before 10:00 am PST.

If you're having trouble logging into your account, you might not have created one. Click on "Create Account" and then you should have access to manage your subscription.

If you don't cancel and/or skip your order in time, no worries. You can still return it for a full refund here:

How do I change my ILIA Auto-Replenish charge date?
Log into your ILIA Beauty account, go to Subscriptions, click on Edit and select Next Charge Date. From there you'll select the new charge date and update.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us here:

If I change my next charge date, will it change my order frequency?
Changing your charge date and changing your order frequency are different actions. If you'd like to change both the charge date and frequency for your subscription, you will need to do so separately.

How do I edit my shipping address for my subscription?
Please reach out to our ILIA Specialists so they can assist you in editing your shipping address:

How will I know when my subscription order will ship?
We'll send you an email reminder three days before your order ships. We recommend adding [email protected] to your email contacts so it doesn't go to spam. 

You can also log into your account anytime to view your scheduled deliveries. Under the Subscriptions tab, click Manage, then Deliveries.

How often do subscription orders ship?
The beauty of the program is having complete ownership over the frequency of your product orders. You can choose to receive your ILIA products every month or every 6 months - or any frequency in between.

Check out more information here:

Does ILIA offer expedited shipping for Auto-Replenish orders? If you'd like to expedite your next ILIA Beauty shipment, please contact [email protected] or reach out to us through our Contact Us page: We'll do our best to honor your request.

Do you ship internationally with the Auto-Replenish program?
Due to shipping restrictions, Auto-Replenish is not available to international customers at this time. We hope to offer international shipping for Auto-Replenish orders in the future—stay tuned.

Read more about auto-replenish here for the U.S.:

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