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How Do I Find My Shade?Updated 3 months ago

I use Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 already, how do I find my Skin Rewind Complexion Stick shade?

We're excited that you want to try Skin Rewind Complexion Stick! In Skin Tint there are 30 shades; whereas in Complexion Stick, there are 42. You'll find some Skin Tint shades match a few Complexion Stick shades since we offer more shades in the newest product line. If you still have questions, contact us through one of the links above or reach out to us here:

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40Skin Rewind Complexion Stick
Skye ST.5Hinoki 1N
Rendezvous ST1Balsa 2C
Tulum ST2Spruce 3W
Sombrio ST2.5Holly 4N
Balos ST3Pine 5C
Formosa ST4Aspen 6N
Formosa ST4Poplar 7W
Bom Bom ST5Bamboo 8W
Bom Bom ST5Tupelo 9N
Kai ST6.5 Ash 10C
Ora ST6Willow 11W
Shela ST8Sycamore 12N
Formosa ST4Hickory 13O
Ora ST6Maple 14W
Diaz ST7Larch 15C
Diaz ST7Madrone 16N
Paloma ST9Magnolia 17O
Shela ST8Hawthorn 18N
Baikal ST9.5Beech 19W
Porto Ferro ST10Iroko 20N
Paloma ST9Abura 21W
Kai ST6.5 Sugi 22C
Matira ST11Alder 23C
Morgat ST11.5Cypress 24N
Porto Ferro ST10Elm 25N
Morgat ST11.5Limba 26O
Kokkini ST12Yew 27W
Papakolea ST12.75Mora 28N
Ramla Bay ST12.5Batai 29N
Rialto ST13.5Cumaru 30W
Kamari ST13Cedar 31C
Dominica ST14Kauri 32W
Honopu ST14.5Palm 33N
Dominica ST14Tineo 34N
Porto Corvo ST15Acacia 35N
Pavones ST16Padauk 36C
Jardin ST16.5Ipe 37N
Miho ST17Jarrah 38C
Perissa ST17.5Laurel 39N
Roque ST18Wenge 40C
Lovina ST19Cocobolo 41W
Lovina ST19Ekki 42C

How do I find my shade? 

We offer a few ways to find your shade. We've included the links below for you. If it doesn't work out, you can always return and exchange your order for free too. Check out our returns page for more information:

To Find Your Shade:

Send a Selfie:

  • Use the link and follow the directions to provide the team with a make-up-free selfie in natural lighting! 

Take one of our quizzes here:

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