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Does ILIA test for heavy metals?Updated 2 months ago

ILIA Beauty is involved with every touchpoint, starting at the raw material level. Our internal quality standard for lead is 5 ppm (10 ppm is considered a trace level), which is more restrictive than what is regulated. Lead analysis is carried out on all products through our labs and overseen by us. Moreover, we are incredibly selective about the raw materials we use in our formulas, and they follow global standards and regulations. 

We also would like to share that every material we use, or any cosmetic brand uses, comes with documents. One is called a Certificate of Analysis and the other is a Material Safety Data Sheet. Many natural ingredients will contain trace amounts of minerals and heavy metals as many of the ingredients come from the earth. These documents are reviewed by an external regulatory team in the U.S. and responsible person for the European Union to ensure they meet not only international requirements, but ours as well.

We also test for: 1ppm for Mercury; 3ppm for cadmium and arsenic; and 5ppm for lead and antimony.
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