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Does ILIA Beauty use dyes in their products?Updated 2 months ago

ILIA Beauty uses small percentages of synthetics in our products from the very beginning and we're happy to share why -- Food Grade dye is a synthetic form of color and the choice to use Food Grade Dye was chosen when formulating certain shades in order to obtain a stronger hue. The majority of the product is made up of natural mineral dyes, yet some do contain low percentages (2% or less) of food grade dye. 

The FDA has put all approved colorants through rigorous testing to make sure that they're safe for us to use and testing is always ongoing. All dye batches made for the FD&C and D&C have to be tested to meet the minimum purity standards, and the EU has a list of approved synthetic dyes for cosmetic use. At ILIA, we only formulate with dyes that are approved both in the U.S. and the EU (as well as other markets we sell into). For pigmented formulations, ILIA Beauty tests the content of heavy metals in the final formula to ensure they are below our internally established heavy metals limits.

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